The first Firefly electric car hides design features under camouflage, but judging by its shape and proportions, it will be a compact crossover reminiscent of the BYD Yuan UP.

Firefly is a new electric car brand created by Chinese company Nio specifically for Europe. According to Nio president Qin Lihong, the brand will be launched in early 2025.

Judging by spy photos, the first Firefly electric car will be comparable in size to the Volkswagen ID.3, but will have increased ground clearance and a higher body. In other words, it's more of a compact crossover than a hatchback. A large spoiler on the boot door is also noticeable in the images.

Nio is establishing Firefly as a mass-market brand with prices ranging from around €13,000 to €26,000. The line-up will feature small electric cars aimed at young buyers. The first Firefly car will be declassified in Europe. This is a very telling moment, as the rest of the Nio models first appear in China and then go on a world tour.

According to Chinese media, the Firefly electric cars will be produced at Nio's factory in Chuzhou, Anhui province. The plant will start mass production at the end of 2024. The planned production capacity of the plant will be 450,000 cars per year.

Source: Carnewschina

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