DS Automobiles, the premium car brand within the Stellantis group, has announced a significant change to its lineup. The company will now offer just two trim levels across all its models: Pallas and Etoile.

This decision aims to simplify the buying process for customers and links back to the brand's rich French heritage.

The automaker is adopting this strategy as part of a broader trend among car manufacturers to streamline their offerings. By reducing the number of trim levels and packages, DS Automobiles believes it can provide clearer options for buyers. Both trims, Pallas and Etoile, draw inspiration from France's culture and history, reflecting the brand's luxury status within the automotive industry.

The Pallas trim is named after a term first used in the Citroen DS in 1964, deriving from 'Palace Accolade' in France. It represents the entry-level option but comes comprehensively equipped. The trim’s logo depicts the door of a large Parisian palace.

Etoile is positioned as the flagship offering. Its name references Place de l’Etoile, where the Arc de Triomphe stands in Paris, and embodies ultimate status akin to leading roles in Opera National de Paris ballet dancers. The trim's logo was inspired by the “luminous radiation of the twelve avenues” leading to the busy junction.

Despite the narrowing down to two main trims, there is a possibility that DS Automobiles will one day start releasing special editions such as the fashion-inspired Espirit de Voyage. However, these will only be available in limited quantities.

The new trims will be introduced in early summer, starting with the DS 4 compact crossover. The DS 3 subcompact SUV, the DS 7 compact SUV and the DS 9 midsize sedan will follow shortly. In addition to the existing offerings, the French automaker is expected to introduce a flagship fastback crossover and an all-electric version of the DS 4 later in 2024.

Source: DS Automobiles

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