Nissan and Mitsubishi are teaming up to catch up with the transition to EVs in the US market. They will jointly develop an electric pickup for the US market.

Nissan recently confirmed a new EV partnership with rival Honda and has now announced another collaboration with Mitsubishi. The automakers are teaming up after falling behind as the market shifts to electric vehicles. Nissan was once considered a leader in electric vehicles, having launched the LEAF in 2010. However, it took the company over a decade to release its second global EV, the Ariya.

Now, Nissan is looking to make up for lost time. This week, Nissan's CEO, Makoto Uchida, revealed the automaker's plans to collaborate and take on the US market. Automotive News reports that Nissan will introduce its first plug-in hybrid in the US, using a system engineered by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi will launch its first North American-made electric vehicle using Nissan's technology.

Nissan and Mitsubishi plan to jointly develop an electric pickup for the US market, which will be produced in Mexico. They are considering fully electric and PHEV versions. The model will likely arrive in the US as an electric version of Nissan's best-selling pickup, the Frontier. Mitsubishi could also broaden its range by offering a midsize EV pickup, which is in high demand among buyers and dealers.

Source: Automotive News

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