Toyota recently unveiled its Electric Hilux Songthaew at the Bangkok International Motor Show. Designed for testing in Thailand, this battery-electric pickup truck bus aims to reshape local transport.

The company revealed that this new model is a conversion of the Toyota Hilux Revo BEV prototype into a ‘songthaew’. This type of vehicle traditionally converts pickup trucks into buses with seating areas. It's designed for both shared and private transport, particularly within the hotel and resort sectors.

Moreover, Toyota announced plans to commence street testing of 12 units in Pattaya. The coastal city lies approximately 90 minutes southeast of Bangkok. However, details about the electric powertrain remained undisclosed despite the manufacturer's openness around the development process.

Media outlets in Australia speculated last year on the prototype's specifications. It was suggested that it could have a battery pack similar to the 71.4 kWh found in Toyota’s bZ4X, aiming for a range around 200 km.

Looking ahead, there are considerations for launching electric and hybrid versions of the Hilux across South East Asia and Oceania. This explores potential market expansion beyond conventional models.

Source: Toyota

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