Rivian Automotive is set to make significant updates to its electric vehicles, the R1T and R1S, for the 2025 model year. These improvements include a new heat pump and aerodynamic wheels.

Recently leaked documents by Electrek reveal these changes which are currently under certification review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The modifications aim to increase efficiency and reduce costs, signaling Rivian's strategic adjustments in a competitive market.

The documents outline several key upgrades. The addition of a heat pump will enhance vehicle efficiency in colder climates. Rivian is also replacing the 21-inch wheel option with new 22-inch aerodynamic wheels to further boost performance. Notably, there may be a shift from the current battery type to lithium iron phosphate in standard packs, which would decrease production expenses. Another notable change include the relocation of the air conditioning compressor to reduce noise inside the vehicle.

Additionally, Electrek provided details on Rivian's broader strategy. Besides upgrading high-end models like the R1T and R1S, which start at over $70,000, Rivian plans to introduce a more affordable SUV in the first half of 2026. Named as the R2, it is projected to cost around $45,000.

Rivian R2 Rivian R2

These upgrades can place Rivian in a stronger position within the electric vehicle market. By improving vehicle efficiency with technological advancements and expanding their lineup with cost-effective alternatives, they are gearing up to meet diverse consumer demands. The introduction of technology that enhances performance while reducing costs might provide Rivial an edge over competitors.

Source: Electrek

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