Ferrari announced plans to continue making 6.5-liter V-12 engines until legal restrictions prevent them from doing so.

Emanuele Carando, the Director of Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence at Ferrari, shared this during an interview with Car Expert. He expressed hope that future legislation would permit the use of new, more sustainable petrol which could extend the life of such engines.

Carando emphasized that Ferrari desires to keep producing their V-12 engines “until the law [no longer] allows us to.” The company currently uses this engine configuration in models like the 12Cilindri Coupe and 12Cilindrij Spider.

Interestingly, Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari's Chief Design Officer differs slightly in his views. While acknowledging that turbocharged V-8 engines might perform better and run more efficiently than V-12 units, he describes the V-12 as irreplaceable in emotional value. He believes this necessitates Ferrari fighting "for this engine to keep it alive for as long as possible."

Looking ahead, despite their dedication to traditional engines like the V-12, Ferrari is planning a transition towards electric vehicles (EVs). They aim to introduce their first EV by 2025 and project that by the end of the decade electric vehicles will make up 40% of all deliveries—with another 40% being hybrids and only 20% being pure internal combustion engine models.

Source: Car Expert

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