Ferrari will launch its first electric car by the end of next year, as it competes with Aston Martin and Lamborghini in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Amid global shifts towards electric cars, Ferrari is focusing on maintaining its brand identity and driving experience, rather than concentrating solely on speed.

Emanuele Carando, representing Ferrari, emphasizes that speed is not the primary marketing focus for their cars. "We have never been following speed as a key reason for marketing our cars," stated Carando. In discussing performance, Carando added, "The 0-100km/h, 0-200km/h, after you do [these] a couple of times... you got this gut into your mouth [feeling], you're fed up with it. We want to have a fast, agile, fun car to drive." Highlighting unique selling points of the upcoming electric vehicle, he also assured that while the new Ferrari EV would not exceed their SF90 XX hybrid supercar in terms of acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.3 seconds, it will deliver an exceptional driving experience and feature an 'authentic' sound. "Always authentic in a Ferrari," he noted about the sound quality.

Looking towards the future strategy for electric vehicles at Ferrari, by 2026 EVs are slated to constitute around 5% of Ferrari's sales but will grow to encompass more significant proportions reaching around 40% by 2030. Petrol and hybrid models will continue to play important roles as well; forecasts show plugins hybrids covering another 40% of sales and petrol-only models making up about 20%. This product mix reaffirms Ferrari's commitment to offering variety - including internal combustion engines (ICE), hybrids, and purely electric vehicles - thus allowing customers freedom in choosing their preferred kinds of drives.


Though no explicit information has been disclosed regarding the specific form of the vehicle - such as coupe or SUV-the company's commitment remains clear: to adapt new technology that ensures thrilling driving experiences without completely shifting away from ICE vehicles even amidst slowing down trends in EV markets observed recently in the US and Europe.

In conclusion, as Ferrari gears up to unveil its pioneering EV model amidst evolving market dynamics and consumer expectations emphasizing sustainable yet high-performance vehicles, they are poised effectively at enhancing their brand identity without foregoing essential characteristics like sound that defines a typical Ferrari experience. This strategic move illustrates how tradition can meet innovation in automotive design effortlessly.

Максим Тропко
Maksim Tropko
35 years (16 years driving)