The number of M270 multiple rocket launchers in Ukraine will be doubled.

In mid-July, it became known that the first three copies of the M270 MLRS arrived in Ukraine from the UK. On Wednesday, August 10, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed BBC that the country is sending three more installations, as well as a "significant number of missiles" for them.

Ben Wallace stated this in Copenhagen, at an international conference with allies dedicated to the military and financial support of Ukraine in the war with Russia.


The UK Defense Secretary said precision weapons such as the M270 are helping the Ukrainian military hit Russian ammunition supplies and command centers. 

"Our continued support sends a very clear message: Britain and the international community remain against this illegal war and will stand side by side in providing defense military assistance to Ukraine to help it defend against Putin's invasion," the British minister added.

Volley M270 in Ukraine Volley M270 in Ukraine

The M270 is a multiple launch rocket system developed by the American company Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control in 1983. The launcher is mounted on the tracked base of the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. 

It uses interchangeable sets of launch systems unified with the HIMARS wheeled MLRS. These can be two sets of 12 227 mm projectiles with a range of about 80 km or two ATACAMS missile launchers with a maximum range of 300 km. The M270 is not as fast as the HIMARS wheeled vehicle, but it carries twice as much ammunition.

The Ukrainian army is already uses high-precision MLRS HIMARS, M270 and MARS III (similar to M270) on the battlefield. Taking into account the new delivery of the M270 from the UK, their total number will exceed 20 copies.

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