The YouTube channel TechRax decided to test the new crash detection feature on iPhone 14 Pro by purposely crashing a Mercury Grand Marquis with wrecked cars. The results were pretty amazing.

One of the iPhone 14's latest features is its crash detection algorithm. If the phone detects a collision, it will make an emergency call automatically unless canceled by the user within 20 seconds. In addition, if the occupants are unresponsive, there is an audio message that plays for emergency services with information about the incident andlatitude and longitude coordinates included.

The TechRax team has a beat-up Mercury Grand Marquis as the test vehicle, and there are a bunch of wrecked cars to crash into. The sedan has a rig using an electric skateboard so that the accelerator works remotely. The seatbelt is around the steering wheel to keep the vehicle going straight.

After several unsuccessful attempts, when the car tried to run away from death, the experimenters managed to hit the sedan into the obstacle, preventing it from escaping. Even though in the first successful attempt the impact was rather weak, the iPhone did its job and tried to call for rescue. Of course, in a stronger collision, the new feature also worked well.

So, the new feature seems to work as intended, and it could save many lives in the future. iPhone 14 is not only one of the most powerful smartphones but also driver-friendly.

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Evgenii Ushakov
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