Volkswagen has reached a large milestone by handing over 500,000 ID. family vehicles to customers worldwide- one year earlier than planned.

The first Volkswagen ID. model that went on sale in October 2020 was the ID.3 hatchback. Volkswagen has already delivered 500,000 vehicles from the ID. family, even though there is a still a strained supply situation.

"Our focus is unchanged - we want to make Volkswagen the most desirable brand for sustainable mobility." The order bank at Volkswagen remains high: "We are doing our utmost to deliver the roughly 135,000 ID.s on order to our customers as quickly as possible. However, due to the persistently strained situation as regards the supply of parts we are repeatedly having to adjust production," Imelda Labbé, Board Member for Sales, Marketing and After Sales at Volkswagen, said.

Volkswagen will only produce electric vehicles in Europe from 2033. By 2030, all-electric vehicles are already to account for at least 70 percent of Volkswagen's unit sales in Europe. In the USA and China, the company is targeting an electric vehicle share of more than 50 percent for the same period. "Norway is the forerunner in electric mobility. The ID.4 topped the registration statistics there in October. This example shows that the ID. family product portfolio matches the needs of our customers," Labbé stated.

Volkswagen is to launch ten new electric models by 2026. "Volkswagen will have the broadest portfolio of electric vehicles in the automotive industry: From the entry-level e-car with a target price of under €25,000 to the new flagship Aero B we will have the right offer in every segment," Labbé said.

Source: Volkswagen

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