France is preparing to transfer several dozen AMX-10P armored vehicles to Ukraine. They have already been decommissioned by the French army, but can still be used in combat.

France is preparing to transfer 25 AMX-10 P vehicles. The AMX-10 P is a tracked infantry fighting vehicle, which is no longer in service in France. 

SourceJean Do Merchet, a journalist at L'opinion

Quote: "Most of them have been decommissioned, but there are still a few left, which could be given used, as well as the TRF-1 towed howitzers." wrote Jean Do Merchet.

AMX-10P Infantry fighting vehicleAMX-10P Infantry fighting vehicle

Additional information: Development of the AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicle began in 1965, however its production began only in 1973. Over 2 000 of these IFVs were built for the French army and for the export customers. Other operators are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Arab Emyrates. The AMX-10P is being replaced with the new VBCI.

Hull of the AMX-10P is welded from aluminum armor plates. Frontal arc provides protection against 14.5 mm rounds. All-round protection is against small arms bullets and artillery shell splinters only. Vehicle is fitted with NBC protection system.

AMX-10P Infantry fighting vehicleAMX-10P Infantry fighting vehicle

The AMX-10P is armed with a 20 mm cannon. It can penetrate a 20 mm armor plate at a range of 1 000 m. Maximum effective range of fire is up to 1 500 m. The most significant drawback of this gun is that it is non-stabilized. Consequently vehicle can't fire accurately on the move.

Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. Some IFVs are fitted with two MILAN ATGW launchers. These vehicles carry 10 anti-tank missiles inside the hull.

The AMX-10P has a crew of three and can carry 8 fully-equipped troops. Troops enter and leave the vehicle via the rear doors or roof hatches.

Vehicle is powered by the Hispano-Suiza HS-115 supercharged diesel engine, developing 276 horsepower. The AMX-10P is fully amphibious and fords water obstacles without preparation. On water it is powered by two waterjets.

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