BMW CEO Oliver Zipse said he considers e-fuels to be the most effective way to decarbonize transport if they are used in the existing car fleet, not in new cars, as discussed in Europe.

"The main effect of e-fuels is that they can reduce CO2 emissions in the current car fleet by 90%", Zipse said at a conference in Berlin.

Zipse also said that BMW plans to increase sales of electric cars by 50% annually until 2025. He added that BMW will not stop developing combustion engines, as they still have demand in many regions of the world.

Oliver Zipse, Chief Executive Officer of BMWChief Executive Officer of BMW Oliver Zipse

E-fuels are fuels that are produced using electricity from renewable sources such as solar or wind, as well as capturing atmospheric CO2. They can be used in conventional combustion engines without modifications. The European Commission is considering including e-fuels in its strategy to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

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