Renault is partnering with companies to extract and recycle lithium and other metals in EV batteries. This creates a circular economy that can bring in billions of dollars and reduce reliance on China.

Automotive News Europe reports that Renault aims to be the first European automaker to recycle batteries on an industrial scale.

Jean-Philippe Bahuaud, CEO of Renault's environment unit, The Future Is Neutral (TFIN), stated that no one in Europe is currently capable of recycling used batteries in a closed-loop to reproduce nickel, cobalt, and lithium for new batteries.

Renault is currently in discussions with specialist companies that are already at an advanced stage of recycling to improve their own recycling efforts.

Using recycled metals can help reduce costs since they account for 70% of a battery's cost, and batteries make up 40% of an EV's cost.

Renault will halt new vehicle production at its Flins factory in Aubergenville, France next month and transition to producing partially recycled vehicle parts and reconditioned cars.

Bahuaud stated that the factory anticipates refurbishing 9,000 batteries this year. Renault sells batteries, reconditioned electric engines, and chargers at a 30% discount compared to new products.

Source: Automotive News

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