BMW Group has announced a partnership with Rimac Technology. They will develop and produce high-voltage battery technologies. These will power future BMW Group models starting in the second half of this decade.

This deal is a significant moment for Rimac Technology, part of Rimac Group. The company is transitioning into becoming a “high-volume Tier 1 supplier” for battery-electric vehicles, according to BMW. 

Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Technology, expressed the deal's special significance on Facebook. He highlighted the complexity, advancement of the product, and the size of the agreement. For him personally, it is a full-circle moment. Mate started his career in 2008 by converting a 1984 E30 BMW 3-Series to electric.

Rimac Technology has made notable achievements since its inception. For instance, introducing Concept One at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Producing Nevera in 2022, and partnering with Bugatti to form Bugatti-Rimac. Currently, they are developing a hybrid V-16 for Chiron's successor.

To accommodate BMW battery production, Rimac has dedicated a large part of its Croatia campus. They are running out of space and planning a new factory. 

BMW highlighted in its announcement Rimac’s expertise in producing battery packs, e-axles, and software. More details about this collaboration will be released later.

Source: BMW

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