The Tesla Model S owned by Paul, the UK-based owner of a private chauffeur service, has surpassed 430,000 miles (~692,000 km) on its original battery since 2016. Despite heavy use and frequent recharging at Superchargers, the battery has only lost about 65 miles (105 km) of range.

Rory Reid from AutoTrader UK recently visited Paul to check out his black 2016 Model S and in the following videos will put it through a series of tests to see how it has aged and how well it still performs.

When Paul purchased this Model S 90D, Tesla offered free Supercharging for the life of the car. For someone who runs a taxi service that requires him to be on the road most of the day, that's an amazing bonus. Paul estimates that he saves between £7,000 (~$8,900) and £10,000 (~$12,700) per year in Supercharging costs for each of the two Model S's he owns.

But it's not just the supercharging savings that are impressive. After all these years, Paul's black Model S P90D still has its original battery and nearly half a million miles on it. He says it's lost about 65 miles (~105 km) of range, or about 23% of what it originally had. That's not bad, considering he uses a Supercharger several times a day and always charges it to 100%.

As you can imagine, the car shows some signs of heavy use. The front fascia is covered in rock chips, and Paul admits that it's had a few resprays. Shortly after buying the car, he also had an incident with the Autopilot system, which steered him into a bunch of cones, causing several thousand pounds of damage that had to be repaired.

However, he has avoided doing any major maintenance on the car. He says all he has done is routine maintenance.

Source: AutoTrader 

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