BMW has been exploring various electric two-wheeler designs, but only a few have made it to showroom floors. This time, we have a glimpse of a potential new BMW electric scooter that might reach production.

The scooter features a straightforward yet clever folding design, offering a platform that seems both easy to manufacture and highly efficient for urban mobility.

Unlike BMW's CE 04 and CE 02 electric scooters and motorbikes, this lightweight electric scooter is of the standing type, making it cost-effective and portable.

Our first look comes from patent drawings showcasing a design with large wheels and an innovative rear wheel folding mechanism. Besides the typical handlebar stem folding point, a second axle in front of the rear wheel allows the scooter to fold the wheel away into the center of the body, creating a more compact folded configuration.

The floorboard appears to pivot to allow the rear wheel to swing under and through the center of the frame.

According to the patent specifications, the motor's power will be at most 500W or "not more than 1400 watts if at least 60 percent of the power is used for self-balancing." The patent doesn't delve into self-balancing features, so it's unclear if we can expect such technology from BMW.

There's no information about the scooter's top speed, but the patent mentions a 20 km/h German regulation for scooters. This is relatively slow compared to the broader electric scooter industry, so BMW might offer faster versions for other markets.

We don't have the exact weight, except for a note that the scooter would weigh "not more than 55 kg,"

It's uncertain whether this BMW folding electric scooter will become a reality, but considering BMW's track record of turning unique EV designs into actual products, we shouldn't dismiss the possibility.

Source: Electrek

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