Hyundai has introduced a new Ioniq 5 N eN1 Cup Car, a lighter and more nimble electric race car designed specifically for a new racing series called the eN1 class.

The N1 series featuring sprint and one-on-one knockout races open to various manufacturers and tire vendors. The race car is not just an adaptation but a considerable departure from its road-going version, being 270 kg lighter at 1,970 kg and boasting enhanced performance capabilities. Its debut is set for April 27 during the 2024 Hyundai N Festival at the Inje Speedium, alongside ten other races planned for the year.

The transformation from a consumer EV to a track-ready monster includes several notable modifications. The exterior sees the addition of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic hood and polycarbonate windows paired with an aggressive aerodynamic kit that includes bulging fenders and a massive rear wing. This is complemented by 18-inch forged wheels wrapped in slick tires for unparalleled grip on the racetrack. Inside, luxury gives way to functionality with a stripped-out cabin featuring only a single bucket seat, but safety remains paramount with an FIA-compliant roll cage, special fire layer protection, meaty tires, and a high-voltage shutoff system.

Other changes from the road-going Ioniq 5 N include adjustable suspension with two-way dampers, a high-voltage warning indicator and a rear-mounted charging port. Curiously, the racecar retains the fake engine sound trick (N e-Shift) and teams can even choose their favorite sounds. The ability to artificially shift gears (N e-Shift) has also been retained. Battery pre-conditioning is still there, as is N Grin Boost, which unleashes full power for 10 seconds.

The twin engines continue to produce a combined 650 hp as in the road-going Ioniq 5 N, from which it has also inherited the 84 kWh battery pack. Performance details have not been revealed, but 0 to 100 km/h should take around three seconds, considering the standard hot electric crossover does the job in 3.25 seconds with the N Grin Boost active.

Source: Hyundai

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